Will you have the honour of being awarded Bippni Photographer of the year?

New year, New format, New experience.

In an attempt to make the competition more attractive it was decided that our annual print competition would take a new format. This is a very exciting new format we have developed which should encourage Photographers from all disciplines and levels to participate fully.

Members can submit images in ten categories over three heats throughout the year. The selected images from the heats, chosen by external judges, will then be judged in a final print competition night. Category winners will be selected as well as the overall title of Bippni Photographer of the year.

Competition Categories

Categories and sub-categories.





Digital Composite

Student - Affliate

Competition Rules & Guidelines

For further details and guidelines on the competition entry and rules please download our PDF. For further information contact us.

What constitutes a Digital Composite

Any submitted image that is composed of two or more seperate images. This includes Photoshop's automated features Photomerge and Merge to HDR. Ant image that includes graphic artwork - either Vector or Raster. Extensive use of Brushes or vector graphics to reconstruct the original image.

What DOES NOT constitute a Digital Composite

Typical beauty retouching including smoothing skin and removing blemishes. Colour correction and usage of stanard Photoshop filters such as Sharpening and Gaussian Blur etc. Artifact removal, such as retouching destracting background objects etc. Usage of automated actions and decorative frames and boarders.


  • Ten images per category per heat
  • Check every image is labelled correctly - if not they will be disqualified
  • Check you have full permission to use the image and have obtained all the necessary releases
  • Digital files must be sent to

Contact Info

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